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We live in an age where change is happening at a supersonic rate, and to remain relevant requires an acute awareness and an ability to be informed. Organisations now require comprehensive knowledge of market forces in order  to make the best decisions. Executives need intelligence support to balance the ever-increasing waves of information against the fixed time they have to read, distil and make key decisions.


We help executives and organisations gain insight into key market information to aid informed decision making. Our focus is accessing authoritative and trusted sources to deliver highly-personalised, highly-relevant market intelligence & reports. Our expertise covers any external condition that has the potential to influence the performance of your business. 


market due-diligence analysis  


bespoke insights, disruptors & trends


Prior to undertaking expensive validation studies or investing in an early-stage emerging firm, we can help you locate the key facts you may be missing.

  We can help you navigate the wealth of global intelligence and ensure you maintain an acute awareness on matters important to you.  
a menu-based service: we offer a menu-based service where you decide on what facts you are finding difficult to locate or require peace-of-mind validation.    highly sophisticated search strategies: We develop sophisticated, comprehensive, advanced search algorithms to monitor, filter, locate and report only on what is relevant to you.



size of market opportunity: What is the size of the market? Are you sure you are capturing all subsidiary related sectors? We will give you validation & confidence. We identify or source key market sector reports from leading research publishers. 


authoritative sources: Using our chosen media aggregator, Dow Jones, and their capture of the best journals and newspapers globally, we eliminate opinions, duplications and irrelevant public relations. We focus on the original source. 

market trends: We will help your strategic and tactical planning activities by quickly locating key market statistics, trends, commentaries, white papers, analysis & sector issues.    human generated: a robot cannot do what our researchers can accomplish, nor can an RSS feed replicate the power of the human-mind.
market participant profiling: We will build an accurate dataset listing of nominated market participants to help you accurately identify and target the right organisations and people   curated content in you own private magazine: Our research team deliver curated content into your own online magazine, just for you and your team. The content must deliver on one key aspect, every article will be 100% relevant and on-point to your key interest. 
channels to market: We will locate the various channels to market for your product e.g. supply chains, resellers, 3PL providers, distributors, manufacturers, potential partners or alliances, networks, associations, professional bodies, tradeshows, meetings, conferences.  

consierge service: We act like your personal intelligence consierge. We literally save you hours of search, reading & filtering.

additional personalised offerings

key market influencers & experts: We will locate those influencers who may impact your market positioning such as opinion leaders, renowned experts, media & coommunication properties or commentators, social sites & communities.    disruptive innovation analysis: We locate key insights, commentaries and expert analysis to help you understand the impact of disruptive innovations & technologies upon the performance of your business.


Insight: The capacity to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of something (Oxford English Dictionary)

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