forensic research for expertise

We locate best-in-class executive talent and highly-regarded subject matter experts. Our focus is applying advanced forensic-level research processes, accessing the most relevant sources, to deliver an accurate and comprehensive analysis. 

fast response expertise identification


methodical client-driven process


forensic executive research: A forensic-level analysis of the market to identify talent, matched against analytically identified competencies, validated by evidence and empirical data. An insight-driven process that identifies hard-to-find talent.


methodical process & global coverage: We complete a highly methodical diagnosis, search, assessment and validation process to track down the best expertise in their field, locally or from around the world, faster than any other alternative.


global expert locator service: We will locate the renowned subject matter experts in any field to ensure you can select the best expert to assist in legal, strategic or advisory deliberations. Our focus is locating the very best: those individuals highly regarded in their area of specialty, and recognised by their peers as being among the best in their field.


client driven outcome: At the beginning of each stage we will review, agree and make any changes necessary to ensure that your success criteria is met. Our goal is 100% relevancy, accuracy and focus.


We employ a confidential, impartial forensic-level search process to help our clients identify and select the best and most appropriate person for their requirement. 

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